Staff Augmentation

Professional Staff Augmentation

Let our field and software expertise reduce the time your project staff spends in scheduling meetings and report preparation, while our claims avoidance and quality control procedures helps reduce your project risks, with Encore Group Profession Staff Augmentation Services.
Key benefits – Cost savings, Schedule Quality, and Schedule Risk Management

Encore Group understands that finding and and/or training construction scheduling specialists takes time. Our scheduling consultants and professionals can deliver expert results on day one. While some organizations may not feel fully comfortable with a third party management solution to manage projects on their behalf, it has become quite popular to endeavor to augment the skill set of your current team with the value and experience of professionally trained expert available to work with your organization adding knowledge and experience to your team including industry knowledge and technical experience to improve processes as desired. The value of having a professionally trained consultant to augment your team increases your teams efficiency while also increasing the quality of your projects, saving time and improving your existing teams abilities skills.

  • Baseline Scheduling
  • Design and Construction Schedule Development
  • Successful Baseline Procedure for Rapid Deployment
  • We work with Your Team to Develop Your Plan
  • Qualitative and Technical Schedule Reviews



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