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Quantifying Delay Damages - Watch this 1 hour managing delays workshop on Quantifying Delay Damages topics include Extended Overhead, Home Office Overhead, Measured Mile and more.
Building a Better Scheduling Department Part-1: In this 1-hour webinar you will learn, how to define a successful department, challenges to expect when implementing scheduling protocols, 5 steps for rolling our a good scheduling protocol and more.
Advanced Training Workshop - Advanced Layouts and Views: Watch this 1-hour advanced training workshop on layouts and views in a construction schedule.
Schedule Scoring Summit 2022: This scheduling summit is the annual review of the schedule validation scores included with Schedule Validator. The panels will review the guidelines for improving the schedule validation score through 2023.
Building a Better Scheduling Department (Part-1) June 16, 2022: Scheduling departments are often the weakest part of a construction organization. Executives often know little about the technical part of scheduling so they hire well qualified schedulers who know little about managing people and teams.
Managing Delays Training: Manage Construction Risks with Project Scheduling - Managing Delays Training Series: Watch this 1 hour managing delays workshop on managing and documenting delays in a construction schedule.
Client Satisfaction Survey Please take a moment to fill out this short client satisfaction survey and tell us about your experience working with us. We are always striving for ways to improve our clients experiences. This information will help us as we aim to provide our clients with the best possible experience working while working with us.
Download your free copy of Elecosoft's free project viewer. View P6, Powerproject and MSProject files.
Advanced Training Workshop- Construction Schedule Calendars and Other Issues: Watch this short on working with construction schedule calendars and other related issues.
Managing Delays Training- Key Steps for Identifying Delays: Watch this short video to learn the key steps for identifying delays early.