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Managing Delays Training- Key Steps for Identifying Delays: Watch this short video to learn the key steps for identifying delays early.
Advanced Training Workshop: Reviewing Construction Schedules - Join this 1-hour advanced training workshop on reviewing construction schedules.
Schedule Scoring in Schedule Validator: Watch this short video to see how Schedule Validator transforms schedule data into simple scores to identify project health and risks.
Transform your Scheduling Department: Watch this free workshop on using very simple schedule scores that will immediately improve your scheduling team's schedule quality on your projects and in your organization.
In this 1-hour managing delays workshop on preparing for the inevitable construction delay in a construction schedule and learn how to prepare for the inevitable delay in a construction Schedule
Managing Schedules in Schedule Validator: Learn how to manage construction schedules using Schedule Validator.
Does your organization measure Schedule Execution Scores? The Defense Contract Management Administration (DCMA) recommends it, and this article explains why you should. Execution scores are simple to identify, and the system is easy to implement. What is the Schedule Execution Score? First, it helps to understand what an Execution Index score is. The DCMA (Defense Contract Management Administration) first issued its 14-point schedule scoring guidelines in 2007. Nestled in the guidelines as 1 of the 14 points was the Baseline Execution Index (BEI). The BEI, or Schedule Execution Score, is also included in one of the four Schedule Validator schedule[...]
Management Strategies for Project Execution:So much is written and discussed these days to help teams execute organizational objectives. It is not enough to have thorough knowledge of a particular strategy, and good intentions will not get the job done.
Updating a Schedule in Powerproject: An experienced construction scheduling consultant shows the process for updating a schedule in Powerproject. To download visit our Powerproject Resources Page.
Reviewing Construction Schedules: this 1-hour advanced training workshop learn what to look for when reviewing and analyzing construction schedules